How to hide comments

WPtouch Pro respects comment settings in Settings > Discussion as well as the Discussion settings set on a per-page or per-post basis.

Hiding comments in WPtouch Pro only

You may want comments displayed in the desktop theme, while hiding comments in the WPtouch Pro mobile theme. To do so, add the custom CSS below to Appearance > Customize > CSS when editing the mobile theme. 


#comments, #respond {
display: none !important;

The code will also remove the "Comments are closed" text that is shown when comments are closed in WordPress.

Hiding comments or the comment form on Pages

The above code will hide the comments and comment form site-wide. If you would like to continue displaying comments on your site's posts but not on Pages, you can add the code below to Appearance > Customize > Custom CSS.


.page #comments, .page #respond {
display: none !important;


Another way to remove comments and the comment form on Pages is to go to login to your WordPress Dashboard and click on the "Pages" link in the sidebar to open your pages listing. Click on the "Select all" button below the "Bulk Actions" dropdown to select all the pages displayed on that listing.

Select "Edit" from the "Bulk Actions" dropdown menu and click "Apply". Click on the "Comments" dropdown menu and select "Do not allow".

Click the "Update" button to save the changes.

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