Extensions are powerful modules that may be added to WPtouch Pro to enhance the appearance and performance of the mobile and/or desktop themes. The Multi-Ads extension is available as an add-on to your license. To add it to your license, go to

Installation instructions for Extensions are here:  Extensions


The Multi-Ads extensions allows you to display multiple ads in your WPtouch Pro theme at the same time. It supports displaying ad units in the header, above and below the post/page content and in the footer.

Multi-Ads is included with the Business, Developer and Enterprise licenses.

After Multi-Ads has been installed and activated, its settings can be accessed in Extension Settings > Multi-Ads.

Ignored URLs - Each permalink URL fragment should be on its own line and relative, e.g. "/about" or "/products/store"

A/B testing can be used to determine which ad units provide the best performance, helping you choose the best revenue stream for your website.

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