Adding custom styling to your mobile theme

Adding custom styling in WPtouch Pro 4

In WPtouch Pro, custom CSS can be added via the Customizer. Access the settings in Appearance > Customize > Custom CSS.

Unlike WPtouch Pro 3.x, you will not need opening and closing style tags here. However, you are free to use them, when needed. To identify targets for customization in WPtouch Pro, please follow the directions here -  Identifying CSS targets in WPtouch Pro.

Adding custom styling in WPtouch Pro 3.x

WPtouch allows you to add your own custom styling to your mobile themes in three ways:

  • Adding CSS to the Custom Code Field
  • Adding CSS to your Child Theme's Stylesheet
  • Targeting Devices for Custom Styling
  • 1. The Custom Code Field

    The "Custom Code" field found under Core Settings > General > Custom Code allows you to quickly and easily add snippets of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Styling entered here will be added to the footer of your mobile theme's code structure.  Styling entered via a the Custom Code field will be loaded with the footer of the mobile theme. Styling entered here will be loaded after any stylesheets called in the header of your mobile theme (including any child theme stylesheets) but before any custom stylesheets or styles added directly in your post/page editor. Customizations will be applied to all themes. CSS code in the "Custom Code" field must be wrapped in

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