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Extensions are powerful modules that may be added to WPtouch Pro to enhance the appearance and performance of the mobile and/or desktop themes. The Mobile Content extension is available as an add-on to your license. To add it to your license, go to

Installation instructions for Extensions are here:  Extensions

Make Child Theme

This extension allows to easily create a child theme from a WPtouch Pro theme. Activate the extension via the Extensions area in the WPtouch Pro settings panel.

Once the extension is activated, access its settings in the WPtouch Pro admin panel. Select the theme you would like the parent of your child theme. Only themes you have installed will be shown in the dropdown. Enter a title (name) for your child theme and the name of the directory you'd like for your child theme. Please note that the directory name must be unique.

Click the "Make Child Theme" button. The child theme directory will be created in /wptouch-data/themes. The directory will contain a readme.txt and style.css file. Which are the minimums for a child theme. You can proceed to copy page templates, or add custom styling to the style.css file.

Copying Theme Templates

In version 1.1+ of the Make a Child Theme extension, you can easily copy templates from your child theme’s parent. After making a child theme, select the child theme you want to copy templates in from the "Child Theme" dropdown.

You will see a list of templates available to copy from the parent theme to your child theme’s directory. Select the templates you want to copy for customizations and click the "Copy Selected" button.

The theme templates will be copied to your child theme’s default folder in /wp-content/wptouch-data/name_of_your_child_theme/default, which may now be customized.

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