Multisite Support

WPtouch Pro's Multisite Support add-on adds true Multisite support for WPtouch, including Network Activation Support

General Options

Set the default admin language and enable the control of theme and extension downloads and updates. When the option is enabled, sub-sites can only activate/deactivate themes and extensions that have been downloaded in the network admin.

Network Defaults

Configure WPtouch to use a site for defaults on new network sites instead of its defaults. Enable the option and select the site to use a source for new sites' default settings.

Subsite Customizable Settings

Select which settings sections are available to users in network subsites. Network administrators always see all settings.


WPtouch Pro's Multisite Support feature allows you to deploy settings from a specific subsite in your network, and select sites to inherit the selected settings. First, select the source site and enable the settings you'd like to deploy to other subsites. Select the destination sites and click on the "Deploy to Sites" button.

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