AMP for WPtouch Pro

Extensions are powerful modules that may be added to WPtouch Pro to enhance the appearance and performance of the mobile and/or desktop themes. The Mobile Content extension is available as an add-on to your license. To add it to your license, go to

Installation instructions for Extensions are here:  Extensions

AMP for WPtouch Pro

This extension allows to easily add Google Accelerated Mobile Pages support to your website integrated with WPtouch, with zero configuration required.

Click the Activate button to activate the extension. To verify that the the extension is working, add /amp to any post URL. Example: You should see the post in AMP format. The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) format is intended to accelerate access to news articles and blog posts – it is not currently being applied to custom post types or pages.

Ads in AMP

If your website is running the Multi-Ads extension, you will see additional advertising in its settings.

Configure Adsense or Google's DoubleClick for Publishers to display one ad unit in your AMP pages in WPtouch Pro.

Common Problems

Google reports schema errors

The AMP extension adds metadata for your post to enable Google's "rich snippet" support. If your featured image is less than 300px wide or tall, it will not satisfy the minimum requirements. Setting a larger version of the image will resolve this.

Adding /amp to a post URL doesn't load the AMP format, but adding ?amp does

The AMP extension is running but your site's permalinks were not refreshed. To do this manually, simply click the 'save' button on Settings > Permalinks (without making any changes). After saving, the /amp format will start to work.

I get redirected whenever I try to add /amp to my post URL

The Yoast SEO plugin is known to cause this problem when its 'Redirect ugly URL's to clean permalinks' feature (Advanced > Permalinks) is set to 'Redirect'. Simply toggle this setting to 'No redirect' to allow your AMP formatting to be accessed.

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