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The License & Support page in WPtouch Pro allows you to view and manage your license, access support, and download, restore, and erase your settings.

Account & License

This section will show you basic information about your current license, including the website that it is valid for, how many activations you have available, and when it expires.

You can click on "Deactivate" to deactive the license for the site that you are currently on.

Clicking on "Manage" will take you to your account page at where you can extend your license, purchase additional products, and view/manage all site activations that you have.


Support provides links for accessing and your account page.


Download Settings

This will download a copy of your WPtouch Pro settings. This can be kept as a backup, or if requested by our support team, sent to us when troubleshooting an issue.

Restore Settings

If you have a previously saved copy of you settings (generated using the Download button), you can restore those settings by uploading the file here.

Erase Settings

Clicking this will reset your WPtouch Pro settings to default. All settings in WPtouch Pro > Settings will be reset, along with any customizations that were made in the WordPress Customizer (Appearance > Customize).

It is recommended that you download a copy of your settings first using the "Download" button, in case you'd like to restore your settings in the future.

Delete & Erase

Same as "Erase", but all content in your wptouch-data folder will be deleted. This includes any code cusotmizations, and child themes.

It is strongly recommended that you backup your wptouch-data folder before selecting this option.

Delete, Erase & Deactivate

Same as "Delete & Erase", but your license for this website will also be deactivated. This is useful if you would like to completely remove WPtouch Pro and fee up the license for another website.

It is strongly recommended that you backup your wptouch-data folder before selecting this option.

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