Adding support for the "Advanced Custom Fields" plugin

Adding support for the Advanced Custom Fields plugin in WPtouch Pro is handled similarly to how it is done in the desktop theme.

  1. Create and activate a WPtouch Pro child theme. The location of your copied child theme on your server will depend upon whether you have a single site WordPress installation or a WordPress network. You will find your copied child theme at:
    • /wp-content/wptouch-data/themes/ if you have a single WordPress installation, or
    • /wp-content/wptouch-data/YOUR_SUBSITE_ID/themes/ if you have a WordPress network installation.
  2. Navigate to the post template (the single.php file) in your copied child theme's /default/ directory. If your child theme does not have a single.php file -- not all child themes do -- create one by copying the core post template from the Foundation theme.
  3. Include the custom field call where you want the custom field to appear.

    Advanced Custom Field in WPtouch Pro

The custom field call should be added as follows:  
 where "Name" is the "Field Name" in the Advanced Custom Field plugin's settings.

Field Name in Advanced Custom Fields Plugin

ACF Gallery Field Add-on

When using the ACF gallery field premium add-on plugin, view code examples you can use to include the galleries in WPtouch Pro. The code should also be added to single.php of your WPtouch Pro copied theme.

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