Activating your desktop theme’s advanced functions

Some desktop themes include functionality that cannot be processed when WPtouch processes mobile requests to your site. These can be added to your mobile theme directly:

CAUTION: Working in the code of your desktop theme is only recommended for those comfortable doing so. Others should hire a professional developer. Never move or edit your theme's core files. We recommend fully backing up your WordPress installation regularly.

  1. Create a copied theme from your choice of the bundled WPtouch Pro themes. This will be where you make your customizations while keeping the default theme intact. For detailed information about WPtouch Pro's themes, see Themes.
  2. Open your desktop theme's functions.php file or set of functions files located on your server. Sometimes these are located within subfolders in your theme's structure. Locate the functions you wish to port to your mobile theme such as shortcodes or custom post types. Functions are usually clearly commented to help you locate what you need.
  3. Copy only the needed functions to the WPtouch Pro child theme's functions.php file. The location of this folder on your particular server will be given in the Themes area next to your active theme.

    • Copying ALL functions from your desktop theme may not be desirable as some may conflict with WPtouch Pro and generate rendering problems, functionality conflicts, and/or error messages.
    • If the customized mobile theme is changed (say from "Bauhaus" to "CMS"), any customizations made will need to be applied to the new active mobile theme.
  4. Save the WPtouch Pro child theme's functions.php file, clear your browser cache and local device data, then test. Adjust the functions included as necessary.
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