Power Pack

Extensions are powerful modules that may be added to WPtouch Pro to enhance the appearance and performance of the mobile and/or desktop themes. The Power Pack extension is available as an add-on to your license. To add it to your license, go to http://www.wptouch.com/pricing.

Installation instructions for Extensions are here:  Extensions

Power Pack

Power Pack is a revolutionary caching solution that speeds site load times across devices. In tandem with WPtouch Pro's device detection functionality, it is the only caching solution that is able to distinguish which device is being used to view your site and serve the appropriate theme.

Power Pack is included with Developer, and Enterprise license bundles.

Page Caching

Enable or disable page caching. When "Create cache for desktop users" is enabled, desktop pages will be cached and served to your desktop visitors. Desktop pages will be cached separately, and never served to your mobile visitors.

"Maximum age of cached content" sets the maximum time any single cached file will be actively served. For example, when set to "6 hours", a post viewed more than once within the six-hour window will be served from a single cache file. After six hours, a fresh cached file is created and served for that post.

"Remove stale cache file interval" sets the frequency with which all cached files are deleted from the server. For example, when set to "Daily", a cached post that has not been served within 24 hours will be deleted.

"Disable caching for any of these matched URL fragments" allows individual posts and pages to be excluded from being cached. Enter each permalink URL fragment on its own line. Rather than using absolute file paths, use relative URLs such as
/about or /products/store where "/about" is http://www.yourdomain.com/about and "/products/store" is http://www.yourdomain.com/products/store.

Responsive Images

Intelligently serve different images based on the device with of each mobile visitor. This also improves page loading time by ensuring each visitor only see the optimal version of each image, instead of seeing an image that is too large for their screen.


Enable CSS and JS minification to further reduce response time.

Distribution Network

"Content Distribution Network" allows you to reliably integrate the use of a content delivery network (CDN). CDNs not listed will need to be set up according to the guidelines for Optimizing Caching Plugins for Mobile Use. When adding the CDN URL(s), make sure you to include the http:// or https:// fragment of the CDN url.

When using a CDN, enable "Cross Origin Resource Sharing" or "CORS". This allows browsers to correctly display images and other elements served from the CDN properly on your website.

  • If you choose to enable Infinity Cache for your desktop theme on desktop devices, you may safely discontinue use of other caching plugins.
  • If you do wish to maintain other caching plugins or services in addition to Infinity Cache, be sure to set them up according to recommendation for optimal use with mobile devices: Optimizing Caching Plugins for Mobile Use

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