CMS Theme - Customizing the category slider

The best way would be to replace the category slider with a custom WordPress menu. Please do the following:

1. Create a child theme - How to manually create a child theme in WPtouch Pro 4, or use the Make Child Theme extensions
2. Create a custom WordPress menu in Appearance > Menus. I would recommend using a 'flat' menu. Meaning, a menu with no child menu items. This way, it looks just like the current category slider.
3. Copy header-bottom.php from /wp-content/wptouch-data/themes/cms/default to /wp-content/wptouch-data/themes/_THE_CMS_CHILD_THEME_/default. Or use the child theme extension
4. Edit header-bottom.php in the child theme as follows. Find:

on line 53, and change it to:

'NAME_OF_MENU' ) ); ?>

and make sure you add the name of your custom WordPress menu. If you named the menu Mobile Menu, then you would use mobile-menu.

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