Previewing your mobile site in a desktop browser

You can see a live preview of your WPtouch Pro website in the WordPress Customizer by switching to the Switch to Mobile Theme in the upper left corner of your Customizer screen. Access the Customizer via Appearance > Customize.

You can also use the Preview Theme URL - Simply, change "" to your site's URL and access it in any desktop (or mobile) browser.


Although some websites promise to provide a 'mobile preview' or simulation, they are unable to make your browser identify as a mobile device and cannot provide a preview of your mobile theme.

You can use Apple's Safari browser on a desktop Mac or PC to approximate your website's appearance on a mobile device.

The Safari desktop browser offers the closest match to the appearance and functionality of your WPtouch-powered mobile theme as it will render on supported devices.

  • Download Safari from Apple and install it on your desktop system.
  • Once installed, go to Safari > Preferences > Advanced.
  • Select "Show Develop menu in menu bar".
  • From the newly activated Develop menu, you'll see an option to change the user agent. Change the user agent to iPhone.
  • Your browser window will refresh. You should see your website's WPtouch Pro-powered mobile theme. Reduce the width of the browser window to give you the best idea of your site's appearance on a mobile device.

Similarly, you may preview your mobile theme on an iPad by selecting "iPad" from Safari's Develop menu.

Other methods to preview your mobile theme include using Apple's iPhone simulator bundled inside XCode, using another desktop browser such as Firefox in conjunction with a user agent switching extension installed, or using WPtouch Pro theme preview feature.

The Chrome desktop browser also offers a way to preview your WPtouch Pro theme. From the File menu, go to View > Developer > Developer Tools. Then, click on the toggle device button outlined in the screenshot below. If the page does not automatically refresh, refresh it and you should then see your WPtouch Pro theme.

User agent switchers often will allow you to simulate a wide variety of mobile devices but be aware that only actual devices 
will give the most accurate representation of your mobile theme.

Theme Preview

The theme preview feature allows you to use your desktop browser to preview your mobile/tablet theme as it will appear on a mobile device. It requires Safari or Chrome desktop browsers.

  1. Click the "Preview Theme" button in any of WPtouch Pro's settings pages.

  2. Navigate through your website to preview your posts and pages.

  3. You may resize the preview window to simulate mobile and tablet views. The Classic Redux and Summit themes include native tablet support. 

Preview Display Mode

You may also enable Preview display mode in Settings > General > Display Mode. When Preview mode is enabled, you can preview the mobile theme in any browser using the preview theme URL - This is useful if you would like mobile users to continue seeing the desktop theme while you configure the WPtouch Pro theme.

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