Clearing caches on your mobile device

Device Caches

When changes to the appearance of your WPtouch theme are not reflected on your mobile device, you may need to clear its cookies and data. If your WordPress installation is running a cache plugin or caching system, please review the Optimizing Caching Plugins for Mobile Use article. 

iOS Safari

  1. Access your iOS Safari settings via your device’s main Settings.
  2. Select the "Clear Cookies and Data" option.

  3. Click to confirm the clearing of the cookies and data on your device.

  4. Open Safari and reload your mobile theme.

Android (Steps may vary with browsers other than the default Android browser)

  • Access your Android device’s browser settings.
  • Choose “Privacy and security” from the Settings menu.
  • Choose “Clear cache” from the Privacy and security menu.
  • Accept “Delete locally cached content and databases?”
  • Return to the browser’s main window and reload your mobile theme.

Caching Services

Services that provide remote caching include CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) such as Cloudflare, MaxCDN, and others. These services may cache posts and pages using your desktop theme and inadvertently serve them to mobile devices. You may attempt to optimize caching services for use with mobile sites by adapting the guidelines offered for Optimizing Caching Plugins for Mobile Use.

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