Setting a custom latest posts page / blog index

WPtouch 4.0

In WPtouch 4.0, setting the Landing Page is as easy as navigating to the Settings > General > Landing Pages setting and updating Mobile front page to your desired front page. To display the latest posts on that page, select the page as the "Posts page".

WPtouch 3.0

The "Custom latest posts page" feature allows you to force WPtouch Pro to replace the content of a selected page with your blog post index.

This may be useful when your desktop theme uses a custom template instead of WordPress's native blog index or if you want to display your latest posts in a custom page in WPtouch Pro.

To assign a custom page for your website’s latest posts, navigate to Theme Settings > General > Pages and select your chosen page in the   Custom latest posts page setting.

If you would like mobile visitors to your site to be redirected to this page from your homepage, select it in the Core Settings > General > Landing Page setting.

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