Devices Settings

Mobile Devices & Browsers

WPtouch Pro includes the option to disable specific user agents. Simply toggle off the user agents you would like to disable. Toggling off the "iOS" option will disable WPtouch Pro in the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and iOS users will see the desktop theme when visiting your website.

Tablet Devices & Browsers

When tablet-ready WPtouch Pro theme is enabled, like Classic Redux, you will see the option to disable tablet specific user agents. When a non-tablet-ready theme is enabled, you will see a notice letting you know that the active WPtouch Pro theme does not support tablets.

Additional User Agents

Enter a partial user agent string like "nokia" or "ipad" (without quotes) to force the WPtouch Pro theme to display on those devices. 

Although you can add support for additional user agents/devices, we cannot guarantee full functionality on all devices. View Adding device support with custom user agents for additional information.

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