Summit Settings in WPtouch Pro 4

Site Identity

The Site Icon is used as a browser and the Web-App Mode icon for your site. Icons must be square, and at least 512px wide and tall. Select a .png, .jpg, or .gif image file from your computer. The icon will be used to when adding your website as a web-app to a mobile device. 


Summit's palette tool allows you to easily choose custom colors for your mobile theme. Click on the color you want to change to bring up a palette that's automatically filled with the colors used in your desktop theme. You may choose any of those colors or enter a hex color value. Revert to the default color by clicking on the"Default" button.

Note that the primary and secondary theme colors can be set automatically from the header image under Header > Header background image.


The settings in this section allows you to override your WordPress Settings only in your mobile theme. You have the options to set the number of posts to display in your latest post listing and exclude from displaying any posts and pages that use specified categories and tags. Posts marked as sticky will continue to display at the top of your post listing in addition to the number of posts set with this option.

User’s Avatar/Photo Shape: This setting option allow you to display the post author’s image (if there is one) in one of three shapes — circle, square, or square with rounded corners. For consistency, this setting also affects the shape of the avatar/photo displayed under the team members section within the Static Home Page panel.

Choose what meta data you want displayed for each post in your blog listing. You have options to:

  • "Show single post thumbnail" allows you to show or hide the post’s featured image.
  • "Show single post author" allows you to show or hide the post’s author.
  • "Show single post date" allows you to show or hide the post’s date.
  • "Show single post taxonomy" allows you to show or hide the post’s taxonomy.
  • "Show single post comments" allows you to show or hide comments in your posts.

Custom CSS

Add custom CSS declarations to further customize your WPtouch Pro theme. More information on adding custom CSS to your WPtouch Pro theme can be found at: Adding custom styling to your mobile theme

Featured Slider

The Summit theme offers a featured slider that displays the featured images (post-thumbnails) from your posts. Posts without assigned featured images will not be included in the slider. You may choose:

  • to enable (show) or disable (hide) the slider,
  • set the maximum number of posts featured
  • show the number of comments on the slider’s post overlay below the title,
  • whether or not your slider transitions between images automatically,
  • whether your images continuously slide and repeat,
  • whether or not the posts that display in the Featured Slider are also displayed in the post listing,
  • and from which posts you would like to source your slider's images.
    • When selecting to display posts from a specific category, enter the slug name of the category (not the category ID)

Images are automatically resized to the slider's dimensions.


WPtouch Pro offers a field where you may quickly and easily add code to be displayed in the footer code of your mobile theme, below the theme switch. You may include plain text or HTML. Shortcodes or PHP is not supported in the Footer field.

You may also toggle the display of the footer’s color overlay gradient, which is based on the primary and secondary theme colors as well as toggle the display of the footer’s diagonal element.

Additionally, Summit’s footer area can display its own custom background image.


Logo images in .png and .jpg format may be uploaded for use in your mobile theme.

Site Header Size: Choose between short of tall

Header background image: Choose/upload/change an image for use as the header’s background.

Set primary/secondary theme colors from header background image: Checking this setting will override the primary and secondary theme colors with main and secondary colors found in the image automatically. Once set these can be adjusted under the Colors panel if needed.

You may also toggle the display of the header's color overlay gradient, which is based on the primary and secondary theme colors as well as toggle the display of the header’s diagonal element.

Social Media Links

When you enter the full URLs (include http:// or https://) of your social network pages, corresponding icons will display in the footer of all pages in your WPtouch Pro theme.

Social Sharing

You may choose to enable the set of sharing tools bundled with WPtouch Pro: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and E-mail. The set of buttons may be shown on posts or pages, placed above or below your content, and/or styled in either your theme's colors or with the colors of each social network.

Static Front Page

The settings in this panel apply to the static front page under the following conditions:

  • A static front page is set in Settings > Reading in the WordPress Dashboard under “Your homepage displays”.
  • “Redirect to a page” is set under WPtouch Pro in Settings > General > Landing Pages > Mobile front page

If “Show team members” is selected those users that have authored at least one blog post and are selected in this section will be displayed on the homepage.

If “Show latest blog posts” is selected the latest posts will display based on the number selected.

If “Show location” is selected, the following will be displayed:

  • A location map based on Google’s map API if a valid “Location Address” is entered
  • A “Location image” (if set) - choose/change/upload an image using the WP media library.
  • “Location Hours of Operation” if set.

NOTE: A Google Maps API key must be set to display a static location map for the address entered below. Please get one at and add it to WPtouch Pro's settings in Settings > General > Google Maps.

The location map’s display can be adjusted using the following settings:

  • Static Map zoom level
  • Static Map Height (in pixels).
  • Static Map Width (in pixels).
  • Static Map Marker Color: choose from black, blue, brown, gray, green, orange purple, red, white, or yellow.
  • Static Map Type: choose from roadmap, satellite, terrain, or hybrid.

If “Show contact form” is checked, and a popular form plugin’s shortcode is entered here, the form will be output. We’ve tested Summit with Ninja Forms, Contact Form 7, Caldera Forms, and WPForms, but any form plugin that has shortcode output should work here.

If the featured slider is active within the Blog panel and “Show latest blog posts” is selected in this section, the blog posts shown below the slider will be offset to prevent duplicates based on the number of posts in the featured slider.


Summit includes a selection of nine complementary Google Font pairings for use in your mobile theme. Font styles will be applied to the body text and headings of your site. You can further customize your mobile theme's fonts using the Advanced Type extension.