Upgrading WPtouch Pro Versions

Upgrading from Version 3.x to Version 4.x

We've worked hard to ensure the transition from WPtouch Pro 3.x to WPtouch Pro 4.x is as seamless as possible. Child/custom themes that were created in version 3.x will continue to function in version 4.x.

As always, we recommend fully backing up your WordPress installation when performing major tasks, including this upgrade.

To upgrade manually, please follow these steps:

  1. Download the latest WPtouch Pro 4 from
  2. Deactivate WPtouch Pro 3.x on your WordPress Plugins page.
  3. Install WPtouch Pro 4.x, for additional support, see
  4. Activate WPtouch Pro 4.x, and follow the wizard steps to activate your license and complete setup.

If license activation fails, please try activating your license again, and open a support ticket if you continue to experience licensing issues.

You may also want to contact your web host and ask them to make sure that your server can communicate with our license server. They can whitelist the following IP address:


If the upgrade from 3.x to 4.x fails, please refer to the article linked below for troubleshooting procedures.

Upgrade from WPtouch Pro 3.x to WPtouch Pro 4.x fails

Upgrading from Version 2.x to Version 3.x (no longer supported)

Upgrading from previous versions of WPtouch Pro is easy because v3.x is an entirely new plugin built from the ground up with your modern mobile web in mind.

  1. Deactivate WPtouch Pro 2.x from within your WordPress Plugins area.

  2. Install WPtouch 3. For installation instructions, see Installing WPtouch Pro.

  3. Activate your WPtouch Pro 3 license.

Because WPtouch Pro 3 is an all new plugin with all new themes, it requires its own setup. Settings, themes, and customizations from previous versions of WPtouch and/or WPtouch Pro are not transferable. Contact support for assistance with porting customizations to WPtouch Pro 3.

Note: Custom icons used in WPtouch Pro 2.x, should be available automatically in WPtouch Pro 3 after upgrading
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