Activating your WPtouch Pro license

Activating your License on WPtouch 4.x

With the new WPtouch Pro 4.0, you'll be asked to activate your license during the setup wizard stages of WPtouch Pro. Once completed, you license will be active.

When license activation fails, contact your web host and ask them to make sure your server can communicate with our license server. They can whitelist the following IP address: If the issue persists, try the troubleshooting procedures in the article below. If you continue experiencing licensing issues, open a support ticket and our support staff will be happy to further assist.

Preparing your server for WPtouch Pro

Activating your License on WPtouch 3.x

WPEngine users: If you host your website with WPEngine, please disable caching in your WPEngine console before activating your license.

Once the WPtouch Pro license is activated, caching can be enabled.

Access the License Admin Area

The link to the License management area for WPtouch Pro can be found in the WordPress menu for WPtouch Pro in all installation types (single and network).

License Your Installation

In an unlicensed WordPress network installation, the license panel is available via the Network Settings screen. When WPtouch Pro is “Network Activated”, activating the license on any of the sub-sites will activate it on all sub-sites in the network.

Once you activate an installation of WPtouch Pro, the "License" link will be hidden. it will only reappear when your WPtouch Pro settings are reset. You may also force the License link/page to appear when needed with the instructions here: Licensing

Activate an Installation

To activate your license for WPtouch Pro:

  1. Enter your account e-mail address.
  2. Enter the product license key from the welcome e-mail you received after purchase. Your license key is always available in the "Licenses & Downloads" area of your Dashboard.
  3. Click “Activate This Installation”.
    Activate Your Installation
    When Activation Is Complete:
    Activation Completed

If license activation fails, rest assured that all the features of WPtouch Pro will continue to function as normal. Please try activating your license again, and open a support ticket if you continue to experience licensing issues.

If you are developing on a staging/sandbox server and have a Single license, leave the staging environment unlicensed and only license the production/live installation. The functionality of your unlicensed installation will be unaffected. To migrate WPtouch Pro, follow the recommended method: Migrating Your WPtouch Pro Installation

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