Migrating your WPtouch Pro Installation

When migrating a website from one server to another (often done when moving from a development environment to a live environment), it is recommended to follow this sequence to migrate your installation of WPtouch Pro:

  1. Backup the settings from the source site to a safe place. Access the backup options in WPtouch Pro > License & Support in your WordPress installation.
  2. Install a fresh copy of WPtouch Pro on the target server.
  3. Import the WPtouch Pro Settings into the new installation of WPtouch Pro.

  4. Remove the development domain from your license..
  5. Activate the new installation..
  6. If a child theme was created and customized, upload it to the live server to:
    • /wp-content/wptouch-data/themes for a single installation and
    • /wp-content/wptouch-data/YOUR_SUBSITE_ID/themes/ if you have a WordPress network installation.

A fresh installation is recommended (rather than copying directories from one server to another) to bypass any issues with server permissions and incomplete copies.

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